3 Simple Steps

In March 2016, I did something equally scary and exciting. I quit my job to pursue my dream job of working for myself. I was working a job I didn’t love (technical consultant for a SaaS company in NYC), and after losing several people close to me, it was more apparent than ever that I too was on a timeline. I couldn’t keep trading my time for money during the most important years of my life…

So, I quit my job, packed up my stuff, and bought a one way ticket to Medellín, Colombia where I lived for three months to get things off the ground as a freelancer. At the time, I had one client worth $500, that was it.

It was hectic and incredibly stressful. For more than two months of old fashioned hustling, I had nothing to show for the endless hours I spent pitching prospects. However, after these two months, in June I slowly but surely began to make progress. I was able to land several new clients, and then, in July, shockingly, I generated more income working for myself, than I did at my previous salaried job.

The rest, as they say, is history…

If you’re a freelancer, or new business owner struggling to get clients, I totally feel your pain. The primary method I used to generate this additional income was through Facebook groups. In this quick and dirty guide, I share the three steps I took to replace my income as a freelancer using Facebook groups.



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